Meet Bill

Bill Crawford has a proven track record of getting things done as a business owner and community leader.

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Maintaining and Improving Scottsdale's Quality of Life

Scottsdale provides a high quality of life. We must safeguard our standard of living. That is why my top priority is to maintain and improve our quality of life.

Attracting High-Quality
and High-Wage Jobs

My track record as a business owner speaks for itself. I have run a successful business - Basic Training - with my wife Debbie in Downtown Scottsdale for more than 20 years.

Protecting and Enhancing
Public Safety Services

The primary responsibility of local government is to provide quality public safety services to keep our families safe. As your Councilman, I will fight to protect and enhance our public safety services.

Improving Scottsdale's Transportation Infrastructure

As our city has grown, so has gridlock. Light rail on Scottsdale Road is not the answer to our traffic issues. Instead, I will advocate other means of easing commutes on our roads.

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